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Lubricating Grease:

STRATCO® offers a wide range of consulting expertise.  As a market leader since 1928, STRATCO® offers consulting services in the field of lubricating grease manufacturing:

•   grease formulations,
•   production parameters,
•   plant layout and design,
•   cost estimating,
•   maintenance,
•   testing.

Asphalt / modified asphalt / asphalt mixtures / bitumen / modified bitumen:

As part of a comprehensive consulting service, ECOPATH, offers proven leadership in the field of polymer modified asphalts (PMA).  ECOPATH’S knowledgeable, practical and experienced Asphalt Engineers can provide a comprehensive road site analysis report for governmental agencies, materials suppliers, contractors and crumb rubber manufacturers.

The road analysis report will provide recommendations for optimizing the polymer modified asphalt pavement solution.  Furthermore, ECOPATH has the ability to offer the most cost effective polymer solutions based on specific requirements and prevailing polymer market conditions.

Recommendations will be made considering regional specifications, cost effectiveness and ease of implementation. ECOPATH engineers are experts in the latest advances in pavement technology as well as cutting edge binder modification procedures. Upon completion of an analysis, recommendations can include:

•   site analysis,
•   market analysis for availability and feasibility of binder modifying agents,
•   determine binder designs to satisfy specific regional or national requirement,
•   design hybridized systems,
•   selection of raw materials based on economic and technical issues,
•   selection of suitable production parameters to obtain performance requirements,
•   improve existing production parameters to improve final properties and reduce cost,
•   identify the most suitable hot mix asphalt design to meet special requirements,
•   development of mix design with appropriate modification agents,
•   post construction evaluation,
•   maintenance options.


ECOPATH also offers a number of consulting services for conventional asphalt plants.  These services include maintenance programs, spare parts production, hot oil heaters, and general trouble shooting.

General engineering services:

Stratco Global also offers a wide range of engineering services connected to the following engineering areas:

•   Chemical engineering (e.g. process design)
•   Civil engineering
•   Mechanical engineering (e.g. CAD drawing)


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