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STRATCO®, Inc. has been selected as one of the Awardees by DiversityBusiness.com. You have distinguished yourself as one of the top entrepreneurs in the country and are most deserving of this award and recognition.

As an award winner you are invited to attend the “9th Annual National Multicultural Awards Ceremony and Conference”. The event on April 29 –May 1, 2009 brings together America's Top Business Owners and the “Top Fortune 500” companies for promoting business opportunities. We look forward to the celebration along with your team.

Ecopath Contracting, LLC has been awarded the Rubber Pavements Association’s Asphalt Rubber Ambassador Award.  This award is in appreciation and recognition for our outstanding and successful efforts in the introduction of asphalt rubber technology in new states and countries.  In particular, for our superior customer service in the highly acclaimed and widely recognized New Jersey DOT Route 95 project placed in 2007.

When Nippon Oil, which identifies itself as Japan's number one oil company, decided to enter the U.S. market, it utilized the expertise of STRATCO®, Inc. of Scottsdale, Arizona, to design and construct a grease plant at a unique lubricant manufacturing facility, now up and running in Childersburg, Alabama.

"This is the first installation of its type outside of Japan, and allows Nippon Oil to project a stronger presence in the global lubricant market," says John Kay, STRATCO's® Engineering Vice President, who guided the grease plant's development. "We're proud to be involved in a project of this scope."

The new Alabama facility has just started providing specialty lubricants for U.S. factories operated by Toyota, Honda and Hyundai. Nippon Oil claims the lubricant plant has capacity to produce 38 million liters of lubricants and 800 metric tons of grease per year.

Both Nippon Oil and STRATCO® have long histories in the oil and lubricant industries. STRATCO's® goes all the way back to 1928.

Arizona-based STRATCO® has been serving Nippon Oil at its other plants in Japan. "We've been involved in Japan a long time," says Diane Graham, CEO of STRATCO®. In fact, she initiated the company's first agency contract in that country 25 years ago.

"Doing business throughout the United States and overseas for many years has allowed us to gain expertise and provide leadership in lubricating grease manufacturing technology," Graham states.

Just as the Alabama plant becomes a significant mark of Nippon Oil's entry into the U.S., so too it demonstrates STRATCO's® expertise into the grease plant design and construction arena. STRATCO's® main notoriety previously has been for its specialty blending equipment.

Most recently, STRATCO's® sister company ECOPATH has developed unique blending units which allow its customers to produce well-publicized asphalt rubber road surfaces that are safer, quieter and longer lasting. And STRATCO® is now helping roofing manufacturers produce asphalt rubber roofing shingles more effectively.

STRATCO® got the Nippon Oil design and construction project by working through Pinnacle Oil of Indianapolis. Pinnacle was responsible for building Nippon Oil's production plant, but STRATCO's® lubricating grease expertise was needed for the Alabama facility.

Just as Nippon Oil is expanding into this country as well as into China, STRATCO® and ECOPATH are further spreading their wings internationally. ECOPATH, for example, recently placed its asphalt rubber blending units in Spain and Russia, as those nations launch major highway paving projects.

"There's a rapidly increasing need worldwide for cost effective and environmentally friendly products in our industry. We assist our Customers in that effort," adds Graham.

STRATCO® and ECOPATH have scores of grease and asphalt customers throughout the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Designing a lubricating plant for a Japanese firm in Alabama is the latest example of STRATCO's® outreach.

For additional information about STRATCO®, contact info@stratcoglobal.com

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