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In addition to internal research targeted at refining and optimizing STRATCO® proprietary equipment and processes, our specialists are available to undertake research related to a variety of mixtures, slurries, and emulsions. They are particularly qualified for advanced process development. Much past work has centered on the unique, versatile Contactor™ reactor, which finds application in a wide range of chemical processes.

The STRATCO® Contactor™ reactor is especially suited for:


  • Exothermic and endothermic reactions that must be controlled within a narrow range.
  • Mixing of immiscible liquids (liquids that separate after mixing) where a high degree of shear and circulation are desirable in the reaction zone.
  • Mixing of liquids and solids where rapid dispersion of ingredients is useful.
  • Emulsification of tough, heavy ingredients.
  • Contacting of liquids with gases.
  • Degassing of liquids and recovery of vapor from them.
  • Rapid dispersion of two or more ingredients.


STRATCO® has conducted research for companies that want to develop alternative fuels. We have the equipment, laboratory facilities, and expertise to apply to new challenges in the process field. Inquiries are invited, with assurance of confidentiality.

For more information on STRATCO's Process R&D capabilities, email research@StratcoGlobal.com

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